How often should I text my new girlfriend? Would she want to be messaged a little often?

I fear i will talk about stuff in text which will cause us to run out of conversation ideas in person.

Yea i like to text but im not texting her because i feel i would annoy her or bore her.

What do you want to be texted about? Do you get annoyed?


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  • Like good morning and good night texts. It's a cute and creative way to show that you're thinking of her :)
    I don't think texting would be a problem as long as you aren't having hour long text conversations. :)


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  • I think cute texts from time to time are good so she knows that you are thinking about her and care. But yeah I agree that it may not be a good idea to be texting 24/7 because you could run out of things to talk about in person. But if she texts you first then I would keep the convo going because that probably means she just wants to talk to you. It also depends on the girl often times.

  • You should text her from time to time because she will like it. Trust me I do aha. In the morning text her "Good morning beautiful" or something like that. But take it easy. An no we don't get annoyed, she will like it because your giving her your time and it shows that you like her! So go ahead text her some sweet things. Good luck!


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