Does the fact that I am petite makes men take me less seriouslyy T__T?

I am really petite and small. In my relationships I have never felt that I was treated like a woman but like a little girl or a fuck doll. I don't think that I will even get married because I give the vibe of a school girl it sucks. :(


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  • Don't say that.

    The one girl I fell madly in love with and was about to marry, but for other circumstances, was 4'11" and 98lbs. (and needless to say, with no boobs). I didn't see her as a "little girl" or as less of a woman, or somehow sexually "inferior" to other girls.

    So, don't create that idea in your mind, because it's not true.

    • 98 pounds for 4 11 isn't that thin. its like being 135 @ 5 ft 6... its not a given sage wouldn't have breasts. just staying;)


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  • Guys like women. Even petite ones. Some dudes are really into them.

    And of course you can always date smaller guys, you're the right size for them and they can feel totally right-sized with you.

  • You kidding? I LOVE petite girls and I'm sure I am not alone there. If you get men that don't take you seriously... just change the type of guy you're looking for!

  • Many men are into petite women so you should be fine.

    • she didn't say they are not into her. she said they SRE in to her and don't take her seriously

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