Professor and student, anyone have a similar experience?

I am interested in my professor at university, however, I think he is married but I get vibes from him that make me think he is interested he watches me, compliments me, talks to me for long periods of time without mentioning I should leave, I would not want to date him, only sleep with him how can I find out if he likes me? In a way that he can only speculate if I like him back, basically I want it to be secret. He probably likes me, at least is attracted to me, but won't act since he is married.

Spare me the ethics since I am already aware the attraction is inappropriate, which ironically is why I'm attracted!


oh and I am 23

Anyone have a similar experience? What happened?


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  • See if you can find out his lecture schedule and when he leaves the campus. Does he take public transit or drive? Coincidentally "run-into" him as he is leaving campus and ask for a ride somewhere nearby(short trip) - once in his car(or anywhere away from campus ears) -chit chat for a minute or two(preferably as you approach the drop off point) ask him if he's happily married - regardless of his answer, ask him if he's ever thought of sleeping with someone else pause for a second and right before he is about to answer, timing is important here, say, someone like me? - try to time this so you can say it right as your approaching where your getting out, or off the bus/subway - he may be left speechless - put your number in his hand, and say, I don't want to date you, I just want you to F@$% me - hold your gaze at him for a moment, then quickly kiss him on the lips(show passion while doing it, but remember its just a sample) then make your exit.



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  • no idea

  • no clue

  • I can totally relate to your situation I am interested in my lecture too and I feel there is a connection between us. But when I think about I could be wrong it could just be my mind wanting to believe its true when its not and if I do act on my feelings and I get rejected by him I'll be so embarrassed. How will I handle seeing him around on campus? In lectures? It would just be awkward.

    Think about the possible outcomes