What do guys find attractive in girls what Must we have?

what do most guys look for in girls apparently good personality but in more detail dimples long hair flat stomach tan etc.. hopefully all boys will answer but if a guy has high standards what must a girl have if you want to be harsh I prefer honesty over nice


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  • Pretty face, mostly due to the eyes. Why the eyes? Well, ugly girls look better with sunglasses. And you can tell if a girl is pretty just from seeing her eyes (such as if she were to wear a mask wear only her eyes show).

    Anything good about the body is a bonus. My crush - who I think is perfect for me - doesn't really have the greatest body but I don't give a flying shit.


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  • to be taller and bigger than me

  • I can only find a girl attractive if she has a pretty face, the body is not really important.

    The details like long hair etc. are not deal breaker, so they are more like nice to have than need to have.

  • Well I like a girl that is in shape and has the ability to take control when necessary. As for skin color or hair color (natural hair color) doesn't really matter I find all the combinations attractive.


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