He asked me out via text and now is taking forever to respond?

We met online and have been on 3 dates. He usually texts me everyday and we exchange a few texts (we both work FT and are busy). His grandmother passed last week, and since then his texts have really died down to like once every few days. I didn't hear from him for 3 days, so I texted him on Wednesday and asked how he was doing.
He responds and asks me out for Friday. I say yes and ask where... and then he texts me back a day laterÉ! I took 4 hrs to respond (as I was at work) regarding the meeting time... and he still hasn`t responded yet...

I never was sure of my interest in him and now I`m not even sure if I want to bother going out with tomorrow...


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  • If you don't feel like going out with the guy, then don't, it doesn't look like you're head over heels about him anyway...


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  • I don't know how deep was his relationship with his grandmother, but I think he might be upset about this, at least. I kind of have the feeling that he wants to be left alone for a few days. If I were you, I would wait untill he texts me back. That only if you want to keep dating him. If you don't, just don't text him and politely cancel tomorrow's date. Hope it was usefull, good luck!