Why does my inability to get attention from my crush leave me nearly heartbroken?

A little back story. She is from out of state, she goes to school here in my city so she isn't here year round. Well last year we had a little thing while I was still dating my ex while in the process of breaking up. It never got any farther than texting and occasionaly snapchat, but I felt like we connectedso well. Anyway, So now she is back and we hardly talk. I'm lucky if I even get a response from something as simple as "hi, how are you". On the rare occasion I would get a response she seemed normal and happy to talk to me. I would text her maybe once every three days and have now recently just given up. However, I can't stop thinking about her. My heart begins to feel heavy when I think about the way we used to talk. I feel like not only did I lose my chance with a beautiful woman but also lost a friend. Is it something that I could have done? And why do I feel so down about it? Freaken sucks


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  • Your heart broken cause you all your feelings to get that far. You had so much hope but it all hit the fan. You were obviously let down by a person you liked. So end result is heartbreak. The thing is there too many things your not accepting in your life that make like sucks for you. Woman are sociable until you bore them or they are not interested in you. Is there something you did? Yes, what? It can be a mixture of things such as your humor, if your not funny then it's kind of a let down. Another example, are you texting anything that makes her want you more? Such topics as teasing her can help. Now as I stated you feel down cause there many things you are not accepting that you need to get use to. Ex. If your device fell and smash to the ground when you are playing with your friends your reaction is important. And so is your acceptance of sorry, forgiveness, and that shit happens so must reach an conclusion. Well that's all for now any more questions?

  • I know how you feel, nothings wrong with you if that's your question. You perceive and approached the whole relationship differently as far as you know. Don't live in regret, make something more of your situation.