The guy I'm dating never replied to my text.. is he not that interested?

So I've been casually dating this guy for 1.5 mos, and usually he texts me first and keeps the convo going for a long time. Yesterday he texted 1st again & asked how my day was going, and I said I had bad food poisoning & wasn't able to go to my class. He usually responds within 2-3 hrs, but he didn't say anything the whole night! This morning I texted him again saying Hey, and all he said was, "so how are you feeling today?". It also pisses me off that I hinted twice now I'd like him to call more, and he still never does. Am I crazy, or was it weird that he didn't even ask how I was feeling?


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  • Never assume that a guy picks up 'hints'. That is a terrible way to judge a guy's interest level or commitment. Your brain is full of different experiences than his, so when your brain makes an assumption based on an input, his brain may make a very different assumption. If you want him to call more, tell him, don't drop hints. Hints are way too unreliable.

    Also, it is way too early to start making assumptions on his interest level based on behavior from a 48 hour period.

    It is unfortunate that he didn't think to ask you how you were feeling at least once during the evening, sure. It's fair to be a bit miffed about that. But he may have figured since you were too sick to go to class, you were too sick to do much else, so he got busy with something else and ended up distracted.

    I would treat this as a reason to 'be more alert' and see how things play out a little in the next while. He hasn't really done anything wrong at this point, but I could see how you could interpret a bit of it as early warning signs. I would just monitor the situation a little more closely, see if he is drifting. Way too early to tell though, a couple days is not nearly enough data to make that call.


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  • Ah ussually if a girl says she's sick a guy will leave her alone to be comftorable I think. He did remember that u were sick so dont take it the wrong way. You could also be borring to talk to if you dont hang out. Dont stress out


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  • Perhaps he has just been busy recently. I don't think it means he is no longer interested in you, it just means that he hasn't had as much free time to talk to you. About the phone call thing, some guys don't like to talk on the phone. Or, maybe he just never thinks about it. You should take the initiative and call him yourself when you want to talk. It's only been two days, give him some more time and if he continues to act distant, THEN you can probably assume that he is not interested in you, romantically, anymore.