What does it mean if a guy doesn't want to exchange phone numbers?

I am 18 and there was this guy I kinda like at my college that is 5 years older than me that I sit and talk to him during my lunch break and today when I was asking if we can exchange numbers, he said he doesn't want to. I have never seen a guy that has never wanted my number before. What are some reasons why he wouldn't want to exchange numbers to keep in touch?


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  • That is pretty much the clearest signal the guy can give you to say that he isn't interested in seeing you in a 'relationship' manner. He does not see you as a potential relationship, and doesn't want to go 'hang out' as a friend. You are most likely in the 'friendly acquaintance' category, and there isn't much you can do to get out of that one. By him not even taking the number to feign interest he is being as clear as he possibly can without being rude.

    It is much better that he do it this way than exchange numbers when he has no interest of dating you and give you hope. That would leave you much more confused.


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  • Sounds like he wants to keep your current situation exactly how it is now. If he changes his mind he will bring it up again.

  • Maybe because he's like 7 years older than you. He might think is It weird or something. He might have a girlfriend.

  • Not interested


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