My boyfriend only intended for us to be a one or two time thing. What do you think changed his mind?

We've been official for three months now.


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  • your personality. he discovered you had more to offer than just physical

    and ignore negative comments from other people. any guy with self esteem isn't gonna commit to just any old girl. you should be happy to have a bf with high self esteem. and you should feel proud of yourself that you have a personality which makes guys wanna commit


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  • Are you great in bed? Just a thought...

  • what a dick.. im sorry but what person would tell the person their are dating that they would only be a one to two month ordeal... why are you with him anyway.. seems to me all he cares about is his ego and trying to experience other girls.. aka PLAYER.. im sorry but you are wasting your time.. he is an ass. and the reason that he probably hasn't left is either yes he maybe realized how special you really are or he hasn't been getting his booty calls from other girls.. im sorry but he seems way to sketchy.

    • One or two hook ups not months.

    • I'm his first.

    • why do that to yourself... respect yourself dont give yourself up to someone who doesn't care about you just looking for a booty call.. find someone who really cares about you and wants to be with you because they like you for you..

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  • At first he thought "eh this is just another girl, I won't get any feelings for her" but I guess he realized that you are something special and that he likes you and wants to stay with you!:) its a good thing!

    • I wasn't thinking about it this way. Thank you.