Im 22 girl and having a relationship with my 45 yr landlord is this dangerous?

Ok i have been estranged from my family, and just left a bad relationship with a person i lived with also 40+. So i am sharing an apt with a girl, her dad is the landlord.. of a large multi tenant house, he been hitting on me, and got feelings, thought he wanted a relationship, but he never did, so i started dating other guys and when he found out now he tell me "lets be happy with each other and not see other ppl" I don't know what that means... but i agreed to be faithful.. so right now im living here at a really good deal, im still talking to another much younger guy (30) i met before who i have strong feelings physically (we had amazing sex ) and mentally and i put him on hold but i still feel i really like the 45yr and obligated to the 45yr and i wanna be stable. is my situation dangerous?


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  • Obviously not and you know it! Leave


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  • I Wouldn't Do it, Seems Like He Wanna Control Sense he's Giving You a Good Deal on Rent. I Would leave as Soon As Possible.

  • I'll just leave.

  • Possibly. I would leave


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