Am I attractive and am I the type of girl?

I am 1.63cm,43 kg, I have brown eyes and I'm black but my friends say I behave like a white person and I'm the type of girl white boys would. Is it true am I the type of girl white boys would date? Am I attractive? Look at my picture on my profile picture.


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  • I love how black women these days are more inclined to date outside their race, however some of them shouldn't strive to fit a mold to please a specific race of men. White men love all types of women as long as they are feminine, classy, have a career, and youthful.
    It really pisses me off when people overuse the BS cliche idea that not speaking in Ebonics or not acting ghetto makes you "white"... Since when could someone act a complexion?
    As another colored women I can't speak on behalf of all Caucasian men, but I think you are a pretty cute young girl.


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  • While I can't see your photo, I say be yourself. I have/had female friends in the past, white and black. I am white. The one thing that comes to mind, is that while some of the black girls I knew and would flirt with, and have fun with, would not date me. They wanted a black male to date. And one black female friend that I liked and thought we had some good times together, when I asked if she would ever date a white guy, she said no. She said she thinks white guys are ugly. We still would flirt and clown around with each other but anything more was a no go. I say be yourself and follow your heart and don't put much weight into what others would think. Race is just skin deep. What matters is more then looks. If you just want a black male friend, I'm sure one will come around. I wouldn't worry. You're still young. Hope this helps.

  • You can't determine the type of a person just because of the way someone looks. Any color of person can act the way they want.

    • You mustn't determine what type of person just say if she is attractive or not

  • Yeah you're pretty. If you want a white boyfriend, don't wait for one to come up to you, go up to him.


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