Kissing him has yet to feel magical? Does it sound like we have chemistry?

I met this guy online and we've been on 4 generally wonderful dates (drinks/dinner).

When we make out, I've noted the kissing doesn't feel quite right. Hugging doesn't seem quite right either (maybe cause he's a lot taller than me?). But everything else does, like when he touches my thighs, or legs, or feels my boobs... it feels amazing and tingly, and I tend to kiss him harder (especially when he touches my nipples). I also really enjoy just sitting in his arms, or forehead to forehead after kissing and just listening to him breathe. Holding hands is also nice.

So the kissing... I think we have different styles, I like gentle, lip kisses with occasional flicking of our tongue tips and then sometimes a deep kiss for good measure. But he seems to like tongue only and always goes in for a deep kiss. At this point, I just tend to suck on his tongue as his mouth and tongue are bigger than mine, and I can't really do anything with my tongue as his is in the way.

When I was lightly kissing him, I told him this is what I like but he didn't seem to get it (English is not his 1st language). And finally sometimes he lightly kisses me but generally it's too wet. Ugh...


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