I'm at college now and I need advice for girls?

I'm a good guy and a gentlemen, and I originally thought I couldn't get girls because my friends (girls) said nice guys don't get girls.
So I worked out and tweaked a couple of things that needed to be fixed.
And for the most part it's working, I can make the girls laugh and smile whenever I meet them and most of them are random and I can get their numbers. But I don't know what to do from there. Like I seriously only know how to make them laugh and have a conversation.


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  • Don't change yourself for anyone. Okay. Im the same and guys aren't really into me but listen id rather be single than have someone who doesn't like me for who I actually am.


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  • Don't completely change yourself with that reason... You might change sth to attract more girls. But after that you should show who you truly are... It's true that girl don't like nice guys, cause sometime it's too boring... But that just the first step, we actually need a guy that interested in us only. So being urself if you really like that girl. Cause after all you should be with the one that love who you truly are... Not who you pretend to be.

  • Yeah! Maybe be more definitive on what you mean. If "getting" girls means sex that's a book by itself.
    It sounds to me like you're pretty social, and doing fine.
    BTW, with me, nice goes a long long way. I do not like pushy, aggressive guys, ever. Now that's just me, but, most of my Zeta sisters are the same way.

  • dont change your self for that reason.. and about good guys dont get girls i completely disagree.. it doesn't have to do with nice or not every girl likes a different type of guy and there are a lot that like nice guys and not jerks... and it is important for a guy to be able to have a convo with a girl and not only have the looks and be totally stupid... so you are in a good path i might say... lol.. anw i think that when you find the right girl everything will come naturally... a girl will like you for who you are and not the tips and experience you have with girls;-)


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