What if I just stop texting, calling, and emailing him?

Been trying to get back with my babys father, but just two weeks ago I stopped texting, calling, and emailing him, I kept contact to a very minimal (if he asks about our daughter I tell him she's fine) and then I stop talking again. Will that kinda make him miss me? Will he realize he lost a good woman and try to come back? He's not used tome being so silent. I used to call, text, or email him everyday, told him I loved him everyday, now I'm just silent. I became silent because I got tired of him disreguarding my feelings all the time and dating everyonebut me. :(


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  • Hmmmm... I see... for what you display with words why would he let you go... hmmm' don't text' email ' call NOTHING. I say this because this is making you vulnerable ' and he would probably try to abuse you because your emotions you have for him. You sound like your learning from something called suffering ' it creates passion ' you don't have to be hurt to be a better you ' just keep asking questions like this ' it shows your willing to except other opinions other then just yours.


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  • You're crazy. Leave him alone. He dates everybody BUT you? Get the hint. Move on, there are other guys who would be with you, take your feelings into account and only date you... so why you chasing after dick that doesn't give a shit about you or how you feel.