Why does he take literally days to respond to texts?

Take this week. I texted him on Wednesday morning, and he replied just now, Saturday night. I don't mind if he replies hours later, or a day later, because we get busy and that's understandable, but practically four days later? And no explanation? It just annoys me, and I honestly don't feel like texting back. Why should I always try to respond within a reasonable time frame when he's not putting in the same effort? I might understand if he's very busy, but all he's got going on is a couple summer classes.

Normally I would think maybe he's not into me, but then he says all these sweet things, and always seems happy to see me, bringing me flowers and taking me out places... so I don't get it. I feel great around him, I like him and we have a good time, but when we're apart he just doesn't keep in touch. I would think if he liked me he'd want to reply to me and communicate, not all the time but sometimes at least, and if not through texting then calling or something, but he doesn't.

Am I missing something here? Any ideas?


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  • Well, for starters, is this a long distance thing? If it is then I'd advise yout to stop wasting your time and find a real man that can actually be around you in real life and not just on Skype or league of legends or whatever you nerdy fucks are into nowadays. But as for the second; if this is someone whom you see in real life and not on IMVU then there maybe be a blatant and obvious issue. Either speak to him by calling him or go to where he lives. If no help just leave his ass because no motherfucker is worth thetime wasted. YOu have a life with a beating heart and lung sthat take in air., you have been lucky enough to be one of the sperms that make it. YOu are lucky enough to be one of the eggs that didn't get pased out during your mothers period. SO LIVE YOUR LIFE ITS SHORT AND YOU ONLY GET ONE DESPITE WHAT THE JEWS AND CHRISTIANS SAY BECAUSE ITS NOT ETERNAL, NOTHING IS.


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  • Why do people try to judge others based on their response time or how they respond to TEXT. Use the phone for what it's for, TALKING to PEOPLE. Treat him like a human being, not text on a screen.

    • He's still a human being if I text him. It's just a different form of communication, not a means of dehumanizing someone. Anyway, I wouldn't mind calling if he prefers that. I just wish he'd let me know if that's the case.

    • Well how about you CALL him and find out? Seriously, texting is so lazy. It is dehumanizing because you can text, put the phone away and carry on like the person doesn't even matter. Or in your case, you feel ignored because he HASN'T answered you.

    • I don't agree about texting, he still matters when I put my phone away, but that's just different perspectives I guess. I think I will call him, but right now I just don't feel like talking to him at all. Thanks though, I appreciate the advice.

  • Either playing hard to get with you or not interested.


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  • What. Is really annoying is when they are online and the message box says there seen your text but they still don't answer but when they do you answer in like 5 min.