Date not until this Friday, uncertain about legitimacy?

This girl I have been talking to for some time online decided to go on a date with me, but she said the soonest she can go is Friday, which is approx. 5 days from now (she told me that 3 days ago). It makes me nervous that she put it off that long. She seemed sincerely interested, but I wonder if it is a ploy too.

I like her a lot because she is a virgin like me, she is attractive, she is a Christian, and she has values.

She is a real person btw, I have her Facebook.

When I mean ploy, I mean she will tell me at the last minute she is not interested or make some excuse.
Anyone have feedback?


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  • God is the matchmaker here. You're clearly in good hands. He will guide your virgin female toward you.


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  • She told you she's a virgin online? Did you meet on Christian mingle?


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  • Don't worry too much about it! You wouldn't know until Friday itself, just focus on having a great time with her when the time comes and not if she's going to cancel.