Do you think she is interested in me?

I asked want to do next Saturday she says i want to! im not sure if i got the job yet so ill let u know if im free

I hear the ill let you know if im free isn't the best but she also said I want to! so im confused... we kissed the second date and it all seemed to go well.

hahahhah thank you


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  • Sounds as though she is Into you And----Game for anything you say here as well, sweetie... Hope it works out. She could be a keeper, no laughing about it.
    Good luck. xx

    • Okay, bettter focussed now, for I was a bit distracted here at home... Let me add more now.. If she procrastinates with any more "I'll let you know I'm free' deal, then she is making excuses to blow you off... I read more carefully here.. But if she really 'Wants to' and Does keep her word, may be a keeper... Watch for the signs. xx


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  • Hey! I think you are over thinking it! she means what she says here! (: she really wants to and she enjoys spending time with you! (: she was just busy!

  • Yes, she's interested in you. You're thinking too much.

  • she is head over heels in love with you. go for it man cuz she is interested in you


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