Friend zone text or not?

i really like this girl, i think she likes me too but i dont want to get it the friend zone with her. she texts me a lot after work, "hey what are you doing" "where are you" some flirting and she will text me "good night". I mentioned that I wanted to do something with her this weekend and I asked her on a date to the movies, thing is, I asked her at a point if this was a date via text and she didn't reply back. Is this the friend zone or did she just not want to text me back


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  • She've been thinking... I guess... Wait for her reply... If she didn't, then she doesn't interested.


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  • Here is a piece of advice that took me a broken heart and a few wasted years of my life to figure out:

    There is no such thing as the friend zone. The "friend zone" is something you do to yourself because you never make it clear that you are attracted to her. If you flirt with her you are going to be out of the friend zone immediately, because "does she like me?" exists for the girl too, it's called "does he like me?".

    If you think you're in the friend zone, odds are you haven't made it clear (or most likely, did anything to show) that you like her.