Dealing with a BF who is not over his ex - jump ship now or wait it out?

My ex has been divorced from his wife for a year and a half - they were together for 15 years and she wanted the divorce (no kids). It's becoming clear that he is not over her. He complains about her but will then invite her to family holidays, meet up for coffee and gets quiet when I say "Sounds like you guys weren't a good fit". Last week he admitted that he was "sort of still in love with her". With me, I can tell he's not completely into it, his mind is still stuck on her. I really like him but know that I am going to get hurt in the end. Thoughts?


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  • gosh, thats horrible. I would say jump ship =/

  • This isn't your fault, it isn't his fault, it just IS. The heart takes it's own time and even if he knows he should be moving one, thinking it and doing it are two completely different things. I think it would be best to terminate the relationship and let him know that if he, in the future, is ready to try again and you happen to be single, to get a hold of you.