If you had to pick a relationship between these two which would you pick?

Title says it all no need for further explanation.

  • A relationship that had the greatest sex you could ever imagine but you weren't deeply in love
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  • or one that was a notebook style romance, but the sex was just ok?
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What Girls Said 4

  • I chose a. I really have no interest in a notebook style romance. ... romance creeps me out.. also if I dont connect with a person when we are sexual (meaning if there is no heat and it isn't good for us both) then I lose interest in them outside the bedroom

  • I chose B.
    We could work on the sex. There are more than enough resources out there to fix that problem. Great sex and no love however isn't nearly as irreplaceable and valuable as the other option.

  • Option B any day :))

  • B sounds nice


What Guys Said 1

  • Frankly, "A relationship that had the greatest sex you could ever imagine" leads to a relationship "that was a notebook style romance."

    I once listened to a divorce lawyer on a radio talk show. It was utterly fascinating. He said the one thing he never heard in all his years of practice was, "The sex is AWESOME, but everything else is bad. I want a divorce." Never heard it at all. He did go on to say that in his practice he has heard "Everything is wonderful, but the sex isn't good. I want a divorce."

    The power of sex should never be underestimated.