Do guys really go a week with out contacting you if they really like you and are interested in you?

Do guys go a week without contacting a girl if they really like her? Could a guy really get that busy or could something in his life really have come up?


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  • ahahaha, no. If he got the guts to contact you, he won't wait a week to at least let you know he's interrested. Could be that he's shy however, and doesn't dare to contact you

    • What if you guys have already been talking? Like you guys were talking almost everyday then he waits a week to get back to you?

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    • No I can not confirm it unfortunately =/. I have a feeling that he's lying. I think he's meeting other girls off line and screwing them. He has time to do things on Facebook and leave comments on girl's pages but not have time to respond to me. I sent him a message telling him how I feel and how i feel ignored. I don't think I'll be talking to him anymore. I don't have time for games and want to be players.

    • if that's what what's he's doing, that sounds like an idea. No point getting caught in a player's webs


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  • Yeah I usually wait a day or two depends on how the conversation went at the time I got the number, no repsonses after a weeks time means that there is some other woman in the picture more than likely, he may like you but his attention is somewhere else.

  • I don't think it's a good sign either. He could have texted you for 5 or 10 min. one day and asked how you were doing and explained how busy he was but that he wanted to make plans with you as soon as work/school etc. calms down.


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  • I've been through it and back and girl let me tell you, that if a guy truly likes you, he will find a way to contact u in one way or another. guys love to chase and won't let a girl he likes slip away. he will ask u for ur number and make effort to talk to u. if he doesn't contact u after a week i would move on and forget him. he has wandering eyes to other women.

    • =( maybe I should just stop texting him. If he likes me then he will reach out to me. =/