Advice for a great mid-50s Catholic gentleman who has has tried dating through several online sites for 14 years with no luck. What's up with that?

I am a college-degreed slim healthy Catholic guy who posted pics, has taken advice on writing my profile and wrote a nice short non-overbearing one, wrote interesting and short messages for initial contact, on average once a year I've got to the phone calls stage. What do woman look at in a profile that piques their interest? Please, no young smart-alecks answering. Intelligent questions and possible answers only.


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  • How many women a week are you contacting?

    Do you have photos both of yourself, and showing yourself with friends?

    Do you live in a major city, or a small town?

    Are you advertising that you are looking to date, or for marriage, or what?

    How good looking are you? How tall? How's your career situation?


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  • You prolly aiming really high maybe that's why your chances are slim. I caught a glimpse of your other post specifically being attracted to young girls only.

    Or either u have been limiting yourself to dating sites only and nothing else.

    Your looks might have been the main factor for not getting dates.

  • They look at $$ and baggage!!! U would be better going out socially to meet a woman - older woman also may NOT do that online thing -- i would TRY to meet people just on your own in LIFE


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  • I am in the same boat as you and a widower. I am also around your age. I get the feeling that women go for younger men (that is what I feel). They always wonder why a man at our age is single.