My boyfriend is talking to this girl.

So my boyfriend is talking to this girl. I would have no problem with it but before we went out she really liked him and was basically in love with him although they never went out. My boyfriend said he has no interest in her now and he never has and he never will. But he texts her all the time even when I'm with him! I told him it bothers me and explained why but he says he just doesn't understand why it does. I have told him so many times. I have no idea what to do anymore. Please give me some advice I need it.


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  • Well your probably jsut gonna have to ignore it. Men like to have friends that are of the opposite sex, its god to have the insight. But as of now it just seems like they are close friends. When or if they cross that line, you'll know when that is, that's when you really need to talk to him. But my advice is just let it go for awhile, and never ever ever give him an ultimatum, as soon as you do that you have become the bad guy. But if he's with you he will probably stay with you. Good luck.


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  • I believe that's rude and disrespectful that he is texting another female in front of you. Especially if they are close and she liked/loved him, that is just wrong. Tell him once again that it really bothers you and that he needs to stop, if he doesn't agree, then you need to find a guy that will respect your feelings or at least take them into consideration.

  • i would say that you need to tell him to choose between you or her to make sure you know which is better then I would give him an example of what you feel and put him in a situation where you talk to a guy when your with him