Am I scaring guys away?

I fall in the sorta tomboy-ish but not really... I will express my true opinion if asked and I have an extremely sarcastic personality. I also love to get to know people so in efforts to strike up conversations I ask questions? I'm a real geek about si-fi and pc games.
What is your opinion? is my personality causing guys to go away or not be interested?


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  • It's hard to say with just what you listed in your question.

    You can immediately cease worrying about 'geek, sci-fi, games...' as those are interests, not personality indicators, and will have no bearing on your suitability as far as 'scaring guys'. Guys with the same interests will give you extra leeway, guys with very different interests will give you less, but that's the same for any interest.

    Sarcasm can be annoying to some people, it depends a bit on how it is done, how 'clever' it is, how 'negative' it is, and how frequent it is.

    "I love to get to know people" and "I ask questions" can be awesome traits, especially for a slightly shy guy. But they can also be indicators that you may be a bit too hyper, or a bit too pushy, or come across as too strong. Different guys will have different thresholds, so what is cool to one guy will be pushy to another. It really depends on how you handle the information exchange.

    Is your personality causing guys to go away? Possibly. It most likely won't be your interests. But it could be your energy level, or if you start acting in a way that implies certain emotional walls are down when the guy still has them up. I had on ex that my friends hated, because she was 'too friendly'. I had been friends with these people for about 5 years, and she had known them for about 5 weeks. She basically treated them the way I did, acted like they had been friends for years, when they didn't even really know her. They hated it, with a passion. On the surface, it just looked like she was being friendly and trying to strike up a conversation. But to them, she was acting like emotional walls were down, when they were not. And it was a turn off. So if you feel like you are being friendly, but are having weird reactions to it, it may be something to consider.

    • I would say more witty than sarcastic

    • Thanks for most helpful :)

      I wouldn't worry about the sarcasm then. It's not a big one anyways (I would be doomed if the hatred of sarcasm was universal). The thing I would look at the most closely would be your 'enthusiasm' around new people, or enthusiasm for topics they may not enjoy.


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  • Except for sarcastic part, I would love to get to kno a geeky girl. And if d chemistry is perfect, would marry her.

  • Not into tom-boy nerds I'm into GIRLS.

  • I am scared :)

  • Oh my god... You're perfect!


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