How to win a guy back who lost desire due to rejection?

Short story - Guy meets woman, woman is transitioning out of a complicated relationship which has caused some trust issues so she is guarded. Guy puts in majority of the effort initially, then woman starts to match effort emotionally. Only kissed during the 6 months of dating because of being guarded. The relationship falls apart once when woman reaches out knowing she pushed him away, he forgives and is right back to pursuing her. Unfortunately woman made similar mistakes in round two and finally after feeling rejected because she was hardly available to see him and showed little physical attraction (even though the physical attraction was very strong) he said he mentally lost desire to pursue anything further than friendship. Is there any way I can fix this?


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  • That is not fixable
    That guy made the same mistake twice of pursuing a woman that is "unavailable"
    He won't make that same mistake a third time
    You have no idea how hard and how painful it is to be rejected

    Start looking for someone else

    • I figured this is the reality I'm facing. Talk about one of my beigest regrets.

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    • Thank you:)

    • Thanks for MHO


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  • You have to quit being a flake.

  • Not with him. Just don't make the same mistake twice!

  • How about not dating people if you're guarded? Just saying :P

    • Unfortunately I didn't realize how guarded I was until he pointed it out. Coming out of an almost 7 year relationship and being new to dating all over again, I didn't know what to expect or how I should feel. It's pretty nerve racking and those nerves didn't help the situation. It actually came down to me being nervous and then I became guarded.

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    • Taking him for granted and thinking he would always be there. Not making time for him or showing effort that I want to see him. Telling him to go find someone else if he had a problem even though I didn't want that. I wanted to tell him so badly how I felt, but I couldn't get the words to come out. I really was rotten when he was trying and all I did was question whether or not everything he did was to simply get in my pants and then leave. That mindset is a product of my upbringing sad to say. This is more heart breaking than my 7 year relationship coming to an end.

    • Hmm.. people don't like being not trusted. This applies to any gender.

  • Sounds like he's moved on , don't blame him either after having that happen twice


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