He invitet me out for nice dinner on my birthday, gave me a gold necklace and was wonderful, now he's become distant, and no mention of a date?

So this guy that i've been dating for a while wanted to be exclusive a couple of weeks ago, which i agreed on, and he invited me on a date on my birthday and we had a bit expensive and nice dinner, he gave me a gold heart necklace , and afterwards he's become a bit distant/or bored i dont know, and at this point he would normally ask when we should meet again, because we both have busy schedules (lawyers), but he texts like he usually does, but no talk of a real date? Not to sound clingy, but how can I know that he's lost interest?


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  • Ask him maybe u acted like it didn't mean anything to u women can be mean no offense

  • 1) He got what he wanted and he's done
    2) He is playing the game "Absence makes the heart grow fonder"
    3) He just began dating you, which means they are probably other women in his life he was already dated. He has yet to fully break away from her/them.

    • 2) what would some of the signs be?
      3) why would he tell me to be exclusive if that's the case, i mean i didn't suggest it or imply it?

    • He asked to be exclusive because of his own ego. There aren't many "signs." Try asking him directly about his absence. Make sure to not come across clingy more concerned. If you really like him, don't be afraid to be vulnerable.

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