Meeting a guy off tinder?

I haven't even been on the thing for a week and I promised myself I wasn't even going to message guys back, but stuff happens right?

So after chatting a bit this total cutie asked me to hang out, I told him that I was sorry for taking up his time but I had no plans of hooking up with anyone, and he said that's okay but we should still hang out (he said maybe as friends but we've been flirty with each other). We've been texting and snapchatting practically nonstop this entire weekend. Which I find a bit odd since I typically let the guy lead how often we talk but no complaints here! We've set up to meet after lunch tomorrow at a cute pastry shop right by campus.

I'm not sure where the question is in this, I'm just super nervous about the whole thing. What should I expect? What is this guy expecting?


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  • It seems like you two get along. I think you should give it a shot, and if it doesn't work out, no harm done :) I doubt he's expecting something major to happen on a first date (I guess it's a date?) And to me it seems like he possibly wants to be friends first and get to known you.


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  • Who knows? The person is attractive, and from what it looks like you get along. Go there, see what happens, and whatever does happen, happens.

  • He wants to bang ya. But, probably not on the first date. He knows he's a cutie, he finds you cute, and he figures that his personality doesn't suck either, so the more time he can spend with you, the more likely it is that he can move it towards something physical. He may even like you for more than your body/looks.


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