He hasn't said I love you and we've had sex?

we are so connected, he shows his feeling a lot by telling me how he feels, everything in amazing !


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  • The girl I was with last year. We both showed our feelings we were so gentle and affectionate with each other that we both felt the love between us. Then we both told each other we loved one another and that we had never felt anything like this before and that we never wanted to lose each other because we were the most important people in each others lives. Guess what she was cheating on her boyfriend with me and a couple of months later ditched me told her boyfriend then when he didn't treat her good enough she came back it felt the same and we told each other the same and a few weeks later she did a disappearing act again went back to her ex boyfriend and a couple of months later showed up again just so she could tell me how much she doesn't care about me and doesn't care how I am.
    Moral of this story is it doesn't matter what people tell you or what they do now but how long they do it for I guess. So if he loves you and if he shows it then just wait and see how long it will go because you can apparently never know.
    I hope that you guys are really happy for a long time together and I hope he finally shows and tells you.


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  • Me and bf were having sex before he asked me out. He didn't say he loved me til after we had been together for 2 months, and even then he has only said it twice (it's been 2 1/2 months now)

    Just give it time. He might be nervous about putting himself out there like that.

    But they are right, sex doesn't always mean love, I've had 3 sex buddies that I never "loved" I had feelings for the one, and kinda crushed on the second, but I didn't love any of them.

    • you got a point there, also he's had a bad excise with his last girlfriend it's only been 3 mouths we've been dating so i will just give him time to say it

  • He just may not be at that point yet, or ready to express that he feels that way. Also, he could be waiting for you to say it first.

    • i'm to scared to say it first

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    • Just give him time to do it. Don't force it either because you don't wanna push him away.

    • just giving it time thanks :)

  • Okay... so what's your question?

    • why hasn't he said it?

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    • Seriously? You should be old enough by now to know that dating doesn't equate love either.

    • i know , but how dose you telling me this answer my question