How do I approach this girl I like?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I'm a shy guy. So there's this girl I like and she's in my first and fifth period classes. She's new to the school this year and I really like her. I thinks she's really cute and want to date her but I don't know how to approach her. What should I do/say to her to get her to notice me? What should I do/say after I approach her?


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  • Tell her you have noticed her around and ask if she is new, even though you already know. Tell what kids to stay away from and some of your experiences and sit next to her at lunch and during anytime possible, but don't seem to clingy. Hope I helped.

  • you should try to make small talk at first. especially if she's new to the school. start off as friends and show her around the school and teach her a couple of things you wish you knew freshman year of high school. after you approach her ask her what clubs or sports or school subjects she is interested in. make conversations off of those things until you start having things to talk about. when the time is right and you think she may like you, ask her to hang out


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