We met last Monday (1 week and 1 day ago) and he just texted me today to make plans for this friday. Should I give him a chance? is 1 week too long?

This guy I met at an event on Monday the 8th took my number and gave me his. we texted a bit that night but then I had to go to bed early so I told him I had to go. He ended it with "good night & talk soon".

I didn't hear from him until today. After Thursday I figured we wouldn't talk again. While we were out on Monday at the event he asked me if I would grab a coffee with him on Wednesday and I said yah but he never messaged me. Today we texted back and forth a bit, Now he's asking what my plans are for Friday.

Should I give him a chance? Why did he wait so long?


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  • He texted you the same day he got your number and didn't want to seem desperate so he waited a week.

    • I thought a week is fine too.. even 2 weeks is fine to me. but my crazy girlfriends said he isn't interested.

    • Maybe they have morw information than I have. Ex. They can see your face and judge it based on that.

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  • You're being harsh. You have not known him so long as to make rash judgment since you don't know what events might be occurring in his life. Be glad that he contacted you.

    Go out there and enjoy yourself with your abundant self-respect and confidence while checking him out. You can have a casual date without making it a relationship already, can't you? No one has committed themselves here at this point.

    May you have a good night out this Friday!

  • Yeah why not?


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  • I don't see why it should matter so much. It was only a week. If you want to get to know the guy than go for it. I honestly wouldn't really give it much thought, but that's just me. Go out with him and see what happens. You could be letting a good guy walk away just because he waited a week to text you.