Should I text him after having sex?

Okay, so last week I met an incredible guy and we seemed to hit it off great. We went out a couple of times (for coffee/dessert). The first time, it was initiated by me, and he picked the place the second time, but we just sort of mutually initiated it. Well, on the second date, we hooked up, but didn't have sex. And he didn't text me the next day... I also didn't text or try to contact him, because I didn't want to come off as pushy or clingy.

I heard from him the day after that, just basically saying "hi" without much content. We ended up texting a little bit back and forth before he said that he'd accidentally left his wallet at my place and needed to get it. So we met up and exchanged it over a pleasant meal. He kissed me goodbye, but didn't ask about another date. I texted him about an hour later just to say that I had fun seeing him, and asked about hanging out again. He agree that would be fun, and we made plans for the next night to go see a movie.

Long story short, we ended up having sex. I have to be honest, I wasn't 100% comfortable with moving quite that quickly, but it's my fault for not telling him... he's not a psychic (and yes, I did give consent, so there isn't any kind of grey area here -- he had no way of knowing).

The sex was awesome. I asked if we could meet again, and he said that we would. We went our separate ways afterwards, then texted each other good night. But, once again, it's been more than a day and I still haven't heard from him (and I also haven't contacted him, because I want to give him space).

So, do I go ahead and text him on my own or wait for him to make the next move? Is he even interested in me? Or am I just going to end up being a booty call?


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  • If a girl texts me after sex then I am blocking her # !!

    Because if she and I have sex then it means she's my "wife" which also means that she lives with me, : )


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  • You may end up a booty call.

    You should keep it doing date things, and maybe not jumping into bed with him every time.

    Find out if he's seeing anyone else.

  • No body really knows. Just don't jump to any conclusions positive or negative and give things time to progress.


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  • You open the door for booty call. You had sex with him too early to even get to know him. You might have thought that would keep him interested since he didn't contact you like you wanted him too. Now that you gave it up, he still do the same thing. Just wait for his call, then before hooking up again, ask where is it going, or Where and how far do you want this to go...