What first date tips do you have?

Im a 16 year old female, and i have never been on a date. I have one coming up. does anyone have some good tips or something to help?


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  • Be yourself, don't try to impress, let him get to know what you are really like, not what you think he wants you to be.

    Set boundaries. Don't let him push you into things you are not comfortable with. Do not push him into things he is not comfortable with. It is not a race to the finish. A date is about discovery, about seeing if a person has a compatible personality.

    Be honest. Lies will catch up at some point, usually in inopportune times.

    Don't panic. If things seem to get quiet, and you two struggle to find something to talk about, don't freak out. Don't internalize the problem. Don't worry. If there is a long silence, break the silence by talking about the silence. Always remember, at the end of the day, it is just one date. You cannot 'ruin' anything.

    Have a plan. Make sure someone knows where you are going, and how long you will be. Have someone you can call to pick you up if you feel uncomfortable.

    Have fun. Enjoy the moment. Don't force it. Don't stress. A date should be about doing an activity that you would enjoy, hopefully with a person that you would enjoy doing it with. If you find that you don't like them, just enjoy the activity for its own sake, and call it an early night.

    Enjoy yourself :)


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  • Don't go clubbing or cinema go were u can talk get to no each other

  • As per us guys we want on our 1st date to be confident n be urself!!!


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  • dress in a way you feel comfortable avoid dressing in a way which is too revealing (this will make you look cheap)... meet him in a public place... get to know him.. and immediately stop him if he is trying to be too "direct" towards you

    • Wait you tell to her dress comfortable but not to revealing which will make her look cheap. What if her dressing revealing is her being comfortable with herself?

    • oh dude come on.. she's still 16 and is on her first date.. so.