How do I figure out which guy I like better, and how do I show them I'm interested?

You'll love this one. I just got a job as a lifeguard and I work with twins. To cut to the chase, I'm interested in both of them, but fantastic, they're twins which complicates things. From what I can tell they've both given me the same amount of attention and response to our interactions. It appears to me that they may both be interested in me. The other thing is, I'm a huge eye contact person. When I like someone, I always make eye contact. However, I only see these guys at work, and being a lifeguard, my job is to watch the pool. So anytime we rotate and I replace them at their position or vice versa is the only time I ever get the chance to talk to them, so I've made VERY little eye contact. This leads me to my next question: How do I show them I'm interested if we always have to be professional and focus on the pool instead of look at each other when we speak? I've known these guys for over two months and it's gone nowhere. I can't even add them as friends on Facebook because they don't have it. Ha, I told you you'd love this bizarre situation :)


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  • I'd say that you should invite them to the pool when you're all off duty. It's a familiar atmosphere, so you should all be at ease. Talk, and make it a regular thing! That'll help you decide which twin is better for you, or even if either of them interests you!

  • god, I am in exactly the same boat. twins, lifeguarding, the whole thing. if you figure anything out, let me know!