What does a guy mean when he asks, "Are We Dating?"?

Last night I just had date 2 with a new guy. He asked me, "Are we dating?" My knee jerk reaction was "yes, we are on a date!" I said yes, but I get the sense he was asking as a loaded question. He went on to say that he's a "one woman guy." I didn't really respond. I like him a lot and think we have potential, but am a little worried he's moving too fast. I basically told him so, but still my answer to his question was yes. What is the correct interpretation and how should I handle? Did this mean I've agreed to be exclusive after 2 dates?


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  • No. You can date multiple people at once, though a lot of people frown upon it. just make sure he understands that you aren't exclusive.

  • He sounds like an idiot.


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