Ex's name tattoo, make or break?

2 yr relationship he just noticed my ex's name on hip and freaked out , i immediately got it covered but we have been separated since he seen it and now I don't know what to do to fix it :/


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  • If I was serious with the girl then she better get mine inked too!

    • we were extremely serious ( family planning ) prior to his discovery , i never hid it but the discussion never came up so of course i didn't rub it in his face b/c inside i knew it wouldn't be good. I planned to cover it but just not in time. i truly love him but i don't ever wanna make that kind commitment unless we are married and its mutual. sorry but its gonna take a miricle for me to ever tat a dudes name on my body , first time i was very young , wild and clearly reckless , smh

    • Do a cover up with different art. I've seen amazing coverups that I wouldn't have known there was something covered.


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  • With many men ink is a deal breaker, it means poor.

    You just experienced the curse of the ink. As promised, you meet the man of your dreams and the ink speaks for you. You should know that ink will keep good people from you, good job opportunities from you and the things people take for granted will be taken from you by ink.

  • Have u shown him u got it covered?

    • Yes but he's still weided out by it , he says its taking him sometime to get over it, we've been inseparable since we started dating but its be over a week we've been separated. He still says we're together but we haven't been physically together since he seen it , just texting , missed calls etc. i can't even function b/c it was so sudden and i can't change the fact he seen it. i've been so sad

    • Just give him time and keep apologizing. It was a long time ago. He'll eventually get over it. I don't recommended getting his name on you. It's the kiss of death

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  • You can make another tattoo on it. It is not a total deal breaker but it is very weird. Personally if I saw my bf with an tattoo like that, I would not like it at all.

    • thank you for your input , within days of him seeing it i got a cover up but we are still separated, i wonder if we can ever work through this :/

    • Of course you will get through. Just a little bit of effort. And talk to him. Nothing beats good communication :)