Pros & Cons for dating your bestfriend?

I am in love with my best friend and I think soon she is going to give me a chance (Long story) I know it will work out tremendously, because I've made a list of pros and cons and there was only one con, which was ruining out friendship if something happens. But I know it won't ruin it. But this is for my own insight. What are some pros and & cons for dating my best friend (i'm a guy)

The answers so far are not helpful, I. already know that she will be a potential mate now and not a friend...


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  • Pros:
    -You can talk to them about anything, including stuff that most people would have to "go to a best friend" to talk about
    -You know them well already
    -You probably have lots in common and have good conversations
    -No awkwardness

    The only cons would be the same cons of breaking up with anyone else, pretty much. But the way I see it, it would be a best case scenario to date your best friend.
    In fact, if anyone with a best friend of the opposite sex would start to date that best friend, the only the different would be intimacy.

    • I like your thoughts on this, but are you saying that intimacy is a con? How so?

    • No that was supposed to be a separate thought from the cons, sorry.


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  • Well it's already in a zone now where you both know about each others feelings, so just go for it. If your friendship is as good as you think it is, you'll be fine if it doesn't work out and remain friends. There's really no need to over-complicate these things.

  • Pros:

    -female, and I'm straight XD


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  • Once you date your best friend, your friendship is over. She moves into the category of "Potential mate" and you will never see her as a "Friend" again. You can have one, or the other, but not both. And once you put her in the potential mate category, it is almost impossible to place her back into the friendship role.