We aren't in a secure committed relationship so why is he calling me asking me this and should I just leave whatever it is we have alone?

I met a guy online. We've been (what I think is dating) for four months. We go out to eat, to the beach, cook dinner for each other, watch movies together, share funny videos, kiss/makeout, and he tells me how beautiful I am etc. We haven't slept together, but he has expressed interest in that. Recently we had the talk. I asked him how he would feel if I was dating or considered dating other people and he got upset and said he wouldn't like it, but "that was the situation he was putting me in and he wouldn't say anything to me". I took that as I don't care and started to think about moving on since I truly care about this guy and don't want to end up too hurt. I'd rather end it while its still not too bad. I know I can by cynical. This past weekend my girl friends and I went online to browse, but mainly kidding around. His friend saw it and texted a snapshot of me to him. He called me upset I was online dating, but also told me he didn't know why he was upset with me if that is what he told me I could do. He has still not expressed interest in being in a relationship. I should mention that I very much want to know he isn't seeing other people and that we are loyal to each other, but lately I feel like its just not happening. Well the question here is really: should I just give this a rest?


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  • Sounds like he wants to be friends with benefits with you but also ban you from dating guys who want something more serious with you. Keep dating online and offline, look for a guy who knows what he wants.


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  • Well it sounds like He likes you ALOT!

    • Why would you say that? What makes you think that?

    • since he was upset about you looking at a dating site, meaning he doesn't want you to move on from him

  • You don't know each other and things are getting clingy, sounds like a mess getting ready to happen.


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