What can I do to be better with girls?

I'm terrible with girls. I'm bad at talking to them, flirting with them, trying to date them. I'm a goof. I get like nervous and my hands get clammy and I try to talk during awkward silences and just make myself seem weird. I tend to be too nice and it's just part of who I am, but I think that comes off wrong. Talking to a random girl or approaching someone is crazy. I'd rather go to boot camp for another 14 weeks then go up to a girl and try and get a date. Call me crazy, but girls man, girls... So yeah any advice would be much appreciated and I won't even go anonymous for this post haha what should I be embarrassed about?


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  • Honestly don't be afraid to say hi and make short convos.. dont be afraid to be persistent and take risks. There are a lot of shy girls out there too no matter how pretty or confident they may appear to be.

    • People keep saying that so I guess it's really true. I guess that's why they like a confident guy lol

    • Confidence is! But i also find awkward, shy and clumsy guys very endearing especially when they get nervous talking to me. It's cute when they make an effort. Seriously, don't be afraid to take a risk no mater how shy you get!


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  • If it helps just know that you're not the only one who gets nervous. From the girls perspective some of us get terribly nervous too. Especially the first few words but after that you never know what could happen. You just gotta remember that you may be nervous but you're not alone (:

  • Practice makes perfect lol. Like keep talking to girls and keeping up a convo with us. Get used to it and like stuff. I get the same way when I talk to guys I like in real life. I usually say I gotta go.. so awkward lol


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  • It takes work the more you do it the better or more comfortable you will be

    • So everyone says, but I can't force myself to actually start. I've been rejected enough that I'm like eh why bother? I don't know haha it doesn't make sense. This is the one thing that's just really really hard for me

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    • I really appreciate the advice. I always try and keep these tips in the back of my mind haha but sometimes, I just draw a blank. I'll try though haha

    • Good luck Bro I hope you can get more comfortable

  • For you? Start out small.

    Watch the right movies and play the right games, for starters. Stupid movies like Hugh Grant flicks? Avoid. Daniel Craig's James Bond, Justified, like that? Watch.

    Second, start out just making short conversation. Go somewhere, strike up a brief conversation with a girl. Make a joke, a comment about the surroundings, just get used to talking to girls.

    And relax. Most girls are nervous. If you act sure and confident--even faking it--they will be more into you.