What does it say about a guy if he breaks up with a girl via TEXT MSG?!

Guys (and girls): what does it say about a guy if he breaks up with a girl after 2+ mos of dating via TEXT MSG (and he claims to respect and care about her)?

funny insight/answers are always welcome.


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  • That means he doesn't respects you or cares for you enough to call you. Also he's a coward for not even doing it in person.


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  • Some men don't want to deal with all of the question as to why he is breaking up with you and doing it by text is an easy way out for him.


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  • convenience... lol. maybe it was easy for him to text his decision (for whatever reason) because he's not good with awkward social situations. maybe he just didn't see it as being disrespectful. maybe its like when you run bathwater and you stick a toe in to see if the waters too hot, he texted you to protect himself from the anger and verbal violence that might follow what he had to say lol

  • He took the easy way out and depended on electronic device rather than deliver the message personally. If you care and respect the girl then he should have picked up the phone to talk to you. A text message is inconsiderate and highly impersonal. Sure, breaking up isn't an easy thing to do and either way the receiving party will be hurt. But, I think he should have been a man and called, the texting option is done by boys.

  • he doesn't want to see or hear a reaction from you or deal with questions...it's him wimping out and taking a short cut. GIVE HIM HELL! and then act like you don't give a damn about him.

  • haha . I've had this happen to me before , the guy is probably WAY to cowardly to come clean , and break up in person .. like jpk1976 said , a lot of guys try to look for a simpler way out without all of the questions . (: