Boyfriends mom ruining what we have?

ok I will try and make this really short... I've been seeing my boyfriend for 2 years now at first he's family adored me but as any relationship progresses its not always perfect right,, fights, arguments and disagreements. Thing is my boyfriend who is 28 (mamas boy) tells his mom and friends everything and because of this he's mom, friends & family forms opinions about me and truly doesn't know the situation there are 2 sides to every story.. they are different towards me and I just feel it, when I visit they would walk out of the room without even saying h like Im invisible, when I ask him about this he says its all in my mind and that everything is fine. He's mom even told me that I have issues and that im crazy and controlling and want to steal her son away from her and he never backs me up always sides with her. I feel hurt and broken I also do truly love him but recently he's changed so much towards me and I don't understand , not calling like he used to, does things all the time without me and comes home in the am when im sleeping. I have everything together a job, a car and I'm a good person. Since I attend school we agreed that he pays the rent and when I graduate I will take care of him, his mom threw that in my face too. Honestly I am a really good person with a huge heart even tho I know Im not perfect I don't deserve this. Im constantly asking myself why he's family hates me and that there must be more to this.. He's mom constantly criticizes me saying hurtful things.. is it because im mixed and he's black or because Im not ghetto enough because his sister definitely is and so is her friends who hate me too. Question is am I wasting me time or should I stay :( because God knows I love this guy it took me 2 years to fall inlove with him and I didn't make it easy and now that im inlove things are different. :((


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  • those moms are big a$$holes they destroy everything


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  • I have been here, and I wish someone back when we first started dated told me to walk away. Long story short my partner's mother is so controlling that stopped everyone from my partner side from attending our last planned wedding, so my partner called it off. (This was't the first wedding she tired to stop either). unfortunately, my own mother has since passed away from cancer and will never get to see me marry. I only just recently broke it off after 9 years- what a waste of time. My advice, mama boys will ALWAY stand by their mother even if she is wrong. Get out now.