Players and former players, experienced men can you please answer this?

he called me after and he said um I'm moving in a few weeks and this isn't my phone number, it's someone else's. But he's been calling me off the same number for a week. And he felt that I was sad when he said he was moving and he said "why do you do this, we have no ties". :( I've known him six years and he just always lies like this and stuff to me. Why does he have to lie? He hugged me before he left, he doesn't always do that.. and it's so complicated.. Is he trying to say he's done

Why does he try to make me feel bad but get mad when I do


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  • Generally he is a dick. He is saying he is leaving because he doesn't want any kind of attachment but isn't mature enough to say that. If you want to find out who owns the number he is calling you from, look it up on privacy star. It will give you the owner number for free.

    He does this because he is an immature boy who doesn't want to take responsibility for his actions. Seriously I dont get why is leading you on, and why he can't just tell you what is going on.
    Personally I would drop the guy and cut him out of your life. Just because you have history doesn't mean you are meant to go on. Sometimes people show their true colors and they are not good.

    • Omg it is his phone number... I know he's lying...

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    • Oh well why does he lie and say he's moving away.. :(

    • Be cause he is a dick. He is a piece of shit and he is leading you on.


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  • If he is a player he is done before he begins with you he will not commit to a serious relationship he collects woman like some guys collect baseball cards. He is does not mean to hurt the woman in his life he loves woman is not an emotional or physical abuser of woman he is in capable of trusting completely he will always have a wall up he will never let you into his heart or mind fully and he will not ever settled for an exclusive relationship.

    It has nothing to do with you there is not more that you could do to keep him singular to you.

    • Ok but why is he lying to me. Saying his phone isn't his and saying he's moving

    • Because he is a liar he is what he is it matters not why he is doing it the fact is he is a liar and will always be one.

  • Why do you even care?

    Why do you bother emotionally involving yourself in these kinds of situations?

    Do you crave and love the drama in your otherwise boring and uneventful life, or are you just that desperate that you have no other alternative options when it comes to men?

    Seriously, jump off and get on with it.


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  • This has happened to me before girl , guys dont understand little things like that confuse us , anyways... he does somewhat have a heart but no feelings for you , he cares about u but does not have deep feelings like you probably have... he could be doing this to say he's done... but doesn't want to tell u directly. .. a dated a older dude i was 17 he was 26 .. he lied to me and said he was moving to break things off with me because he had a lot of baggage and knew we werent meant to be , but then once i got all in my drake emotions he told me the real deal...

    • Oh ok :((

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    • Awww dont make that face , dont look like that... kick this lame.. move on dont dread over a man who doesn't over you... he lies because he's a lame azz liarb

    • I know how you feel lll the truth is better than a lie

  • It's doe it's obvious that he's not feeling the same way you are thats it you just gonna move on