Am I too intimidating?

I always feel like guys get intimidated by me. First of all I am really competitive, like I love play wrestling (things like that) and Im playing 2 competitive sports in college right now. Secondly, i am a black belt in martial arts and workout to keep my figure but obviously not to be buff just toned. Lastly, apparently my relaxed expression isn't always approachable but that doesn't make sense to me because I always smile when I walk by someone...
I don't know, I've been single for awhile and just kind of wanna know why haha.


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  • Nope you need to find men and not these little boys. What you describe for me there is nothing sexier in a woman than confidence.


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  • i think it's nice for you , no bad boys with bad motives have guts to flirt with you , in the end , only those nice guys who will approach you.. just my opinion..

  • In reality, it could be that no one thinks they're good enough for you. If you have a crush, just talk to them and show obvious signs you like them.


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