Found out my best friend is using her boyfriend. Should I tell him?

Okay so my best friend as been dating this guy for a five years now. Everything seemed like it was going well at least I thought so until today. She looked like she was feeling stressed so I asked what was wrong. She was a bit hesitant, but final told me that she wasn't all that into her boyfriend anymore and that she haven't been for about the last 2 and half years of their relation. She said she's afraid to tell him because at the moment she can't afford a place of her own. They started living together after a year into the relationship because she lost her job a while back and couldn't afford her on place anymore.

I'm really really tore here. On one hand she is my friend, but on the other I can't stand men or women who do this. I've grown to like the guy and become friends with him, so I'm a bit at war with myself here. It's not really fair to the guy in anyway. She asked me not to tell, but I seriously don't know what to do.


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  • You MUST tell him. You are doing the right thing for telling him, I mean how would you if you were in his shoes. Think about it.

    With that being said, you are not betraying your best friend, you actually saving or helping the both of them. Help your best friend to find a solution. Encourage to find a job and stay at yourplace or something. There is ALWAYS a solution to a problem.


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  • omg this is your bestfriend you never break the bestfriend code... i would never trust you... who side are you on? just tell her how you feel but dont go behind her back and tell her boyfriend... thats not your job.

    • It's just really hard on my because I feel like if it were me I'd want someone to tell me the truth. Then I just feel like what she's doing is wrong.

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    • Really? You suggest if I knew a friend rob a bank to not say anything. That is just stupid and shows you really can't think.

    • @theshewolf, i agree with you, i mean you dont have to be so harsh, but asker, if everybody did what you are about to do, friendships would not last long. she your bestfriend , long after this guy is gone you would still be around , she probably wouldn't even pick him over you but you'll pick him over her. come on bro

  • You can tell him, but that means you are undoubtedly giving up the friendship by doing so.

    If you were a good friend, you'd help her find a way to move into another place and figure out a solution.

    If you want to be somewhere in the middle, explain why you think what she's doing is wrong and that if she isn't honest with him, you will tell him.

  • If you want to lose a friend then go ahead.. if she have confide to you it means that she trust you as a friend to keep her secret.


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  • whoa bro dont do that, i know it feels wrong to not saying anything , but this is your friend , dont do that, you'll be giving up her friendship , friends do stuff thats wrong but your their friend your suppose to stick by them, bro code , girl or guys theirs a bro code...