Taking him out of the friend-zone?

I met this guy while I was still hanging on with my ex. He was interested in me, but of course I made it clear that I am in a relationship.
He "disappeared", which is fair enough.
But I could not forget about him, and since things went really bad with my bf, I broke it off.
Now I want to meet that guy again, but it's been nearly half a year without contact. How should I approach him, and show my sincere interest, without looking "desperate" for a rebound?


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  • Just start talking to him again and make your intentions known. Trust me , guys don't care if you're on the rebound or not, and only women have it in their heads that they're "Desperate" if they approach the guy first. Guys could care less, we're simple.


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  • Just text him, "hey, how are you?".
    You left on good terms and you were up front about everything. He liked you then, that probably hasn't changed.

  • I'd start by saying hi, then telling him that you made a mistake.

    You should be less worried about seeming desperate more worried about him feeling like you second choice, buy ya know, that's only relevant if you actually give a damn.

  • Let him be. It's not fair to him. It's not easy doing what he did (disappearing), especially to someone he was interested in.


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