Is it considered cheating?

Is it considered cheating if you are dating a guy and you text him that you are not seeing anyone else but him but you decide that same day that you change your mind and you don't tell him?

Let's say the guy does not give you enough attention and he doesn't take you out on dates.

Is it considered cheating if you decide to try to find a guy who does give you attebtion and take you out on dates?

Let's say you don't tell him you are seeing another guy.

If he did not label you his girlfriend does he have the right to be mad if he finds out you are seeing another guy?



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  • Well he didn't label you as his girlfriend. So I don't think that would be cheating.


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  • Personally Id not be happy about finding out the chick Im seeing is dating someone else and doesn't bother to tell me because she doesn't think Im doing a good job of being a bf. You could just tell him what you expect instead of dating two guys and trying to get more than you were before. He has the right to be mad, because by the statement you made about you not seeing anyone else it can be implied that you want to be exclusive. So argue all you want, he has that right, I would be

    • But he is not my bf
      If he was my bf he would have said so when I brought up the question

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    • Not sure what to make of that last comment. So Ill say do what you want. Its your call. Personally Id just tell him he needs to pay more attention to you and stop ignoring. you. If he doesn't like it then move on. No sense is possibly creating drama because you didn't tell him where you stand.

    • He never made a commitment me to me but I made a commitment to him
      If he is not going to deliver because he is too busy then I might as well find someone who will

  • Is it "cheating"? I guess technically not, since it's not an official relationship.

    Does he have a right to be mad? Absolutely. You would have lied to him in that case; who wouldn't be rightfully upset about that?

  • Assuming all your "ifs" and "let's says" are true - you say you are dating, but he doesn't take you on dates. And he doesn't call you his girlfriend. You, my dear, are pretty confused.

    So, let's look at this. He doesn't consider the two of you to be in a relationship (probably because he is taking things slow). So if you start going out with someone else, you aren't cheating on a relationship with the first guy; you're cheating yourself out of any opportunity with the the first guy, and you're leaving him in the dirt with it telling anything, let alone why, which is uncalled for and exceptionally rude.

    If you don't like him, then you can tell him that and feel free to look for someone else. But it sounds like you're being impatient with a guy who is trying to be responsible, not move too fast, and take each step with confidence.

    • His excuse is always I'm too busy even though it's obvious that he reads my messages and if he liked me his excuses wouldn't be I'm busy

  • If you told him you'd be exclusive and you agreed, that's cheating = "breaking the agreement to be exclusive".

  • If you are not officially dating him then no and you are still very young so date many guys and discover what kind of guy you like.

  • yes, he does. it may not be cheating, but it is lying. which is still a pretty crummy thing to do.


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