What do you think online dating is for?

I would make this a poll but I'm not on level 3.


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  • Some people see it as a way to meet someone to date and hopefully have a relationship with. Some people see it as a way to troll for sex partners. Others see it as a way to hide behind an electronic identity and just have fun without actually going through with meeting anyone. Some married people use it as a way to hide their identity while looking for sex.

    It is funny how the electronic age of online dating combined with e-mail, IM and texting can add to the possibility of meeting a new partner while at the same time add a lot of confusion and difficulty into the mix.


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  • omg!...you'd think some people are looking for a genuine relationships, nope...this guy asked me if I would be his one last one night stand since he was getting married in 3 weeks and his fiance said he could have sex with some random! I was appalled!...these type of guys make me question whether or not online dating is right for me!...I thought it was for dating, which for the most part it is...but also for random hook ups...

  • Ahh online dating is for...dating? I'm confused by your question.