How to get a guys attention?

It is starting to really bother me that I'm a senior in high school, and have never dated (or kissed) anyone... Is there anything I can do to attract guys? I'm definitely not the prettiest in my mind, but people say I am (probably just to be nice), so is there anything I can do personality wise.


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  • Huh, the girl I'm talking to now is same as you. Same age, and grade and never dated (far as I know). But she is the most beautiful girl to me, and I don't say it just to be nice. I truly mean it. The other day, I sent a snapchat to her saying "I hope your day was as beautiful as you are" and I meant it. Anytime I say she is beautiful or gorgeous, I mean it. Honestly, you don't need to fish for compliments. It's nice to hear them, but it's better to get them when they are genuine. That being said, if you just want to make yourself feel more attractive, go for it. But don't let it bother you; I"m 20 and have never dated or kissed a girl either. But this girl is someone special. You obviously can if you want, but I wouldn't go rushing anything because of like social standing or norms. Be who you are personally and it'll come to you when it's right. Sounds suuuuper corny, I know. But I think it might be true. Plus, I find this girl's innocence and sweetness endearing. I'm sure that you can find someone the same way.

  • I'm sure you're pretty. Hmm, are the guys at your school really shy? Anyway, you could try approaching THEM and starting a conversation, try making eye contact with a guy you like and smiling, try "accidentally" bumping into a guy by "accident" to get his attention, laugh at something they do or something you overheard them say, and number one, be yourself, listen regardless of all this crap you will one day get a "desired" boyfriend, and desperately doing this stuff only makes you look silly as a person, and boyfriends aren't everything, sorry that's just all mambo-jumbo, do what you think Is best. Best of luck


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