Third date kiss then he acts cold.. what did I do?

we are both 25 years old... We had three wonderfull dates, he paid all the time, he showed interest, he called me, he texted me during work, and all that, how come that we kissed on our third date when we said goodbye while we where planing future dates but yet he acted cold afterwards, few texts or none at all, no calls only a few voice messages on whatsapp, but only because i asked him how he's doing... what did i do wrong? i do not want to give up on him.. what should i do now? confront him? but i dont want to seem frustrated... im not good at confronting... he is confusing the heck out of me.. help me guys.. thanks in advance


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  • I would bet that he really likes you and doesn't want to go too fast so he doesn't ruin things

    • I am on the same path, i dont want to seem pushy so i give him space, it's just, we had a fourth date and again we kissed when we said goodbye, this time it was longer, and we got so close, he was sad and down because he had to leave to another town for work and he hated it... well we dated this Sunday and he left monday, ever since Monday we did not contact alot, he sent me smiley faces here and there, when i asked him hows it going he always said bad, since he hated that place, well i still feel ignored and i guess i should wait and give him space... what do you think? i tried to make him feel good by sending him a positive message telling him everything will be alright and so on, and he just said thank you with a lot of hearts, ... i am lost :/ or im i asking too much?


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  • There is no way to know but your only option is to chill and let the ball lie in his court. For yourself I recommend going out and having fun and even meeting new guys. Don't worry too much about "what you did wrong". Be happy with who you are and don't over think anything. He may be going through something that he will not share.

    • You where right, he really had a problem, i saw him yesterday evening, he has to leave one week to another town because of his work and he was angry about it, anyhows i was overanalyzing we ended up having another 5 hour date which also ended with a even longer kiss, we continued in my car but did not go any further, i am miss. paranoia myself, i am still scared i might loose him for whatever reason, we got really close physically yesterday, nothing sexual involved nada!! just very long kisses and gazings... what is your opinion? i know it is just a 4th date but it meant a lot to me... thanks so much for your answer :)

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    • okay, i will do so, you helped a lot thanks i wish i saw your answer before he asked me out , i was really confused and mad... god at the end its really us women who complicate things.. have a nice day

    • You also and still listen to your gut but also never worry. Worry will never help no matter the situation. Be well my friend.

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  • I think he's playing hard to get. Either that, or your kiss went awkwardly and something changed.

    • i thiught so too... but we had another date and he kissed me again... and here we are again the silenceee

  • If he text you ignore him for a day sounds like he's playing a game. I'm going through the same thing and I'm still lost lol

    • Hi ! well i might help you out with this since something interesting happened yest. i confronted him about it, im not good at confronting but i still did,, he answered and we even ended up seeing each other last night, so basically i was just overanalyzing things, he loved the kiss we had and we had a even longer kiss yest. as well... so if i where you i would confront him, you know why? if you want to text him do it.. just do whatever you feel like doing i dont mean like bombarding him with accusations just.. a smooth elegant confrontation, saying hey i know you might be busy but i am wondering why this and that... trust me the guy I've dated started to laugh and told me that everything is just fine he just had a matter to deal with... but yeah just like you i always end up confused but i learned a thing, i learned to think out loud at the end me and you got nothing to loose so do it...

  • How was the kiss? If it was bad or awkward, it would explain his change in behavior.
    When was the 3rd date? I ask because I want to know how long he's been acting distant.

    It may not be anything you did.
    It may be that he's backing off for totally unrelated reasons, or it could be that he didn't *feel* anything during the kiss and he's taking that to mean something, or maybe he's thinking you're not as interested.

    Have you guys made plans for another date?

    • Well we met on wednsday when well kissed, And since that day he was being weird, thè kiss was long and passionate i was actually thè one ending it, we wanted to meet on Friday but something came up for him.. i confronted him earlier and he said not to worry everything is ok but still... i dont recieve those signals like idid at thè beginning.. normaly he is very direct if something is wrong, yet he does not tell what he feels, and i dont talk about how i feel either... im just confused..

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    • hey, well we dated on Sunday again, he just asked me if i wanted him to come to my town and see each other... i said yes so we had an amazing evening again, better than the last one, he kissed me again, and this time it was longer, and we stared at each other the time, and smiled all time and so on, he left the next day to another town for work which he was very sad about, and again since then we text little, he sends me smileyfaces, and thats it... i have no idea, i dont get these men...

    • Aww, well I'm so glad the date went well!
      Honestly, maybe he's just not much of a texter or something... the dates are going well, I'd go by that and not worry so much about the texting behavior... he could be busy, he could be unsure of what to say, etc.
      Keep dating him, the dates sound great :-)