Am I being unreasonable or is this a red flag?

So I've been dating this guy for three months now. We aren't official yet nor are we seeing anyone else. We have a great time when we talk and stuff and I think he's a really nice guy. Defo not a player at all, kinda shy in making moves, respectful and he does make effort. He's also quite open and honest about stuff

recent I've started wondering if he's a bit attention seeking. This primarily stems from the fact that I've realized that he sends snaps of his body post gym workout to like... 30 people at once. That and the fact that when he has done smth like gotten selected to present at a convention he posts it on fb to tell the world.

He's not like that in person at all- very mild in nature and not at all attention seeking. Quiet in fact. (Except maybe when he gets drunk when he basically tries to talk to everyone and anyone. not arrogantly or anything).

I'm wondering if these are red flags? I don't quite trust my judgment just cuz I'm always looking to find faults with guys and I'm not sure if this is me doing that again. Opinions?


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  • Even quiet people can be narcissists. If you can handle that type of personality fine but I know I dislike narcissists and always will. I see nothing wrong with loving and even adoring oneself but the whole advertising their body and sending pics to everyone seems a bit much in my opinion.


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  • He is. Probably because he is quiet and reserved. If he doesn't put it out there in social media, how's he ever going to get a girl?

    The question is whether he needs this as validation, or not.

    You'll find out when he's got a GF and getting laid on the regular. If he's comfortable in his relationship, then he doesn't need to try so hard.

  • See if he gets worse than this, then watch out.

    • If this is as bad as it gets dya think it says smth about his character?

  • girls do this all the time yet it isn't a red flag why is it with guys? he wants attention big whoop..


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