Was it acceptable for bf to do that?

His female friend has problems in her marriage and late last night her husband hit her so she walked out of the house. She told my bf who went running after her and they both met up at a coffee shop but because it was closed they sat in his car until 3am. He said they watched the stars together and it was beautiful. It was his birthday so he spent the early hours of his birthday with her. I'm really pissed off but he thinks it's normal

She's not his best friend but just a work colleague so it's not like he had to spend most of the night with her


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  • Not normal, not by any means. If normal if his friend getting hit then there needs to be repercussions. Next time he needs to take her to the police immediately and then figure out what to do.

    Now just because she got hit and he went running after her, that is normal. But for him to, (especially say it to you in the way he did with the adjectives he did) say that it was "beautiful" and "we watched the stars for a few hours"?

    Somewhat acceptable. So logn as it's not a repeat occurance.

    Now, if he helps her while she's down that's different, it's the way he described what happened (and what happened AFTERwards) that's the problem.


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  • Everyone needs friends. Sounds like something that happened to me a while ago. I was dating someone and one of my good female friends had a problem at home. I was the first person she called because I understood the issues. My girlfriend at the time questioned what happened and I was completely honest with her. Nothing. My ex moved on to another guy who was a womanizer and I stayed friends with the other woman. Truth be told, I have no feelings (outside of friends) for this woman.

    Sounds like you might be a little too stern with your BF. Give him a chance because he's probably a good guy.

  • I would keep an eye on them, but it was somewhat acceptable. I don't like the idea of him doing that for so long behind your back. I think the better thing to do would have been to take her back to your place for them to talk so nothing is done in secret.


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  • I think that's a really touch scary thing for someone to go through and he was just being a good friend I think you should trust him. She was probably super upset and it must have taken a while for him to calm her down. If you feel angry/ concerned about it you should really talk to him about it and calmly tell him how it made you feel.